The Dark Side Of The Red Eyed Queen

by The Space Spectrum



The Dark Side Of The Red Eyed Queen is exactly what the name tells you.
It features two yet unreleased recordings from the time before The Space Spectrum was a full band, so these were the first recordings Nico Seel did send out to Cosmic Eye Records.
They liked them...
But in the end the Band was found and so they choosed to do a new, complete different version of this original take.
It was recorded circa December 2012 in Nico Seel´s first flat and never shown or heard before, now the years went on and on, we found it again and didnt wanted to keep it a secret.
Yes it is totally raw, rough, dark and heavy. But this is the Side of Nico Seel's perspective on The Red Eyed Queen, when he first recorded it.
I guess there are no darker recordings of The Space Spectrum ever heard before.
Get in touch with the infinite nihilism of cosmic soundwaves.


released April 26, 2017

recorded and mixed by Nico Seel in December 2012.
guitar,bass, drum programming by Nico Seel.
artwork by Niclas Gerull.



all rights reserved


The Space Spectrum Germany

The Space Spectrum is a space/drone/kraut collective from Rendsburg, Germany.

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